Sodecia GTAC Headquarters | London, Ontario | 2017

Located just north of the highway 401, Sodecia Headquarters is a large 60 acre complex that serves as the company’s technical, research and manufacturing center. On the west side of the site is the Weld & Press building as well as the manufacturing office. To the east there are the corporate offices and global tech and automation centre.

Although the complex accommodates for multiple facilities, movement between them is facilitated by a series of covered corridors connecting separate buildings. The corporate head office is the architectural show piece set against the backdrop of landscaped green space.

The corporate office is designed to host invited guests and international Sodeia employees, creating a need for a series of gathering rooms, including an auditorium, board rooms, reception, and a celebrated showcase room complete with a two storey high living wall as its backdrop. The living wall provides heat recovery due to the natural ventilation of the plants. This integration of life within the building materializes the design’s intent: to innovate.